A big part of our work over the last few years has been major refurbishments and renovations.
Refurbishing or renovating your home is one of the easiest ways to maximise the existing potential in your property. You may love the area where you currently live or perhaps you do not wish to endure the stress and expense involved in moving home. Many people do not realise that clever design can fundamentally change the way a house, room or area can look and work.

Removing walls or restructuring the placement of walls will affect the layout and use considerably. Some of the transformations CCB Builders have achieved are dramatic and make the existing home un-recognisable.
Whether your ideas are big or small CCB Builders can help you achieve either the most simple or dramatic changes to best suit your needs.

Job: Blenheim

Type of job: Renovation and Extensions
Hale was for a private client. They loved the area and neighbours and did not want to move but wanted more space and a more modern home. They decided on major alterations and complete modernisation of the whole house.

Before 1 pic to add

After 13 pics to add


Job: Peover

Type of work: Renovation and Extensions

Peover was a major renovation with 2 extensions bringing a tired and dated house to a modern home. The outside had a full re roof new windows and a “k” render finish to completely change the look of the property. Inside there was structural changes to the layout and a complete modernisation of every room.

Before 3 pics

After 10 pics


Job: Spinney Marton

Type of Job: Renovation and Extensions

The Spinney was a full conversion and renovation of an old tired house deep in the heart of Cheshire undertaken for a private client. The project included many great features that made it the stunning, stylish and practical home it is today. The large two storey oak windows and the double height kitchen with an internal balcony from the upper floor are a stunning feature of the new extension added to the existing building.


Before 3 pics

After 3 pics


Job: Tom and Mary Docherty

Type of job: Renovation The former Scotland, United and Chelsea manager kept us on our toes and we had a great time working with Tom and Mary. The work undertaken was a full renovation and layout changes. New windows and black plastic sofit and facias. The new entrance way enhanced the look of the building. inside we removed walls changed the stairs and landing to alter the way the house functioned.

Before 3 pics

After 5 pics


Job: Westfield House

Type of job: Renovation

Westfield House converted 4 tired flats in Didsbury into 6 modern apartments. This included converting the cellar and digging out a sunken garden area.

4 Westfield House Pics